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2020-21 NCAA Men's Basketball Records

For questions about or updates to the 2020-21 Men's Basketball Records, please email J.D. Hamilton ( for Division I Records or Sean Straziscar ( for Division II and III Records.

Men’s Basketball Rules Committee proposes video review to help officials

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Rules Committee proposed allowing officials to conduct instant replay reviews in scenarios where they call a possession dead due to a shot-clock violation.

Statement from NCAA Senior Vice President of Basketball Dan Gavitt on NBA Draft withdrawal date

“The NCAA’s deadline for men’s basketball student-athletes to withdraw from the NBA draft and retain their eligibility will be pushed back from the current June 3 date. This modification is being made with the health and well-being of our...

NCAA cancels College Basketball Academy

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both sessions of the NCAA College Basketball Academy scheduled July 20-26 have been canceled.

Appeals committee upholds violations and show-cause order for former UConn men’s basketball coach

The NCAA Division I Infractions Appeals Committee upheld findings that a former head UConn men’s basketball coach violated head coach responsibility and ethical conduct rules.

PROP delays rules changes for one year in five sports

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved delaying rules changes in five sports for a year to mitigate the financial impact on athletics budgets in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Council passes men’s basketball multiple-team event proposal

The Division I Council passed legislation that provides new scheduling options in Division I men’s basketball for the 2020-21 academic year.

Former Buffalo assistant men’s basketball coach violated NCAA ethical conduct rules

A former Buffalo assistant men’s basketball coach violated NCAA ethical conduct rules when he forged a written statement in support of a transferring student-athlete’s request to have the year-in-residence requirement waived

Former Siena men’s basketball head coach provided impermissible benefits

The former Siena men’s basketball head coach provided impermissible cash payments to student-athletes.


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