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National Collegiate Beach Volleyball (W)

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The Emerging Path

Next spring, when women’s beach volleyball serves up the NCAA’s newest championship, it will join the sporting ranks of a unique few. Women’s ice hockey, women’s water polo, rowing and bowling might not appear to have much in common with beach volleyball – nor each other – but the sports’ NCAA championships all share the same roots.

NCAA’s newest championship will be called beach volleyball

The NCAA’s 90th championship will be called beach volleyball. The committee that oversees the sport made the decision June 23, after thoroughly discussing what the sport should be known as during a conference call.

Sand volleyball to become Association’s 90th championship

Division II and Division III membership approved sand volleyball as a championship Saturday at the 2015 NCAA Convention, allowing it to advance from the emerging sports for women list to become a full-fledged NCAA championship in spring 2016.

DIII Management Council opposes amendment to recruiting legislation

Despite some debate, the Division III Management Council has come to agree with the Division III Recruiting Working Group regarding a proposal that allows coaches to contact recruits on site on any day at multi-day athletic competitions. The original proposal allows coaches to speak with potential student-athletes at any time during the competition as long as they or their coaches consent.

Sand volleyball could become newest NCAA championship

Sand volleyball moved a step closer to becoming an NCAA championship Monday when the Division I Legislative Council approved a measure to establish a national collegiate championship in the sport. The additional championship also must be approved by Division II and Division III.

DI cabinet supports renaming sand volleyball

Sand volleyball, now sponsored by 40 DI schools, should be called beach volleyball, Division I Championships/Sports Management Cabinet recommends

Beach Volleyball Rules of the Game

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