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Bystander Intervention

Bystander intervention is the act of stepping in where there is a problem, rather than assuming someone else will help. Located on this page are resources to help train students and educate the public on helping behaviors.

Bringing in the Bystander

This customizable campus resource for student-athletes uses a community of responsibility approach in which bystanders are taught how to safely intervene in instances where an incident may be occurring or where there may be risk.

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Green Dot

This resource for athletics administrators and campus partners focuses on the goal of preparing organizations and communities to implement a strategy of violence prevention that consistently and measurably reduces power-based personal violence.

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Mentors in Violence Prevention

This resource tailored to student-athletes and athletics administrators addresses the global issues of gender prejudice – especially men’s violence against women. In its advocacy efforts and training programs, it educates, inspires and empowers men and women to prevent, interrupt and respond to sexist abuse.

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