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Mind, Body and Sport: Understanding and supporting student-athlete mental wellness


Brian Hainline, NCAA Chief Medical Officer


Chapter 1 – First-Person Perspective

  • Game Face Is Not the Only Face (By Aaron Taylor, former football student-athlete)
  • Living the Dream – and Waking Up To Reality (By Cathy Wright-Eger, former coach)
  • Resilience, Empathy and True Toughness (By Molly McNamara, cross country and track student-athlete)
  • One Coach’s X and O: Pay Attention, Give Permission (By Mark Potter, current coach)
  • Make the Experience Positive (By Bradley Maldonado, Division II Student-Athlete Advisory Committee)
  • Solving the Mental Health Puzzle (By Rachel Sharpe, current assistant athletic trainer)

Chapter 2 – Positioning the Experts

The Psychologist Perspective (By Chris Carr and Jamie Davidson)

The Psychiatrist Perspective (By Todd Stull)

Chapter 3 – Dissecting the Disorders

Eating Disorders (By Ron Thompson)

Anxiety Disorders (By Scott Goldman)

Mood Disorders and Depression (By Chris Bader)

Depression and Anxiety Prevalence in Student-Athletes (By Ann Kearns Davoren and Seunghyun Hwang)

Substance Use and Abuse (By Brian Hainline, Lydia Bell and Mary Wilfert)

Gambling Among Student-Athletes: Cause for Concern (By Jeffrey L. Derevensky and Tom Paskus)

Sleeping Disorders (By Michael Grandner)

Suicidal Tendencies (By David Lester)

Education-Impacting Disabilities and the NCAA Waiver Process (By Marcia Ridpath)

Chapter 4 – The Big Injury (And Small Ones, Too)

How Being Injured Affects Mental Health (By Margot Putukian)

Post-Concussion Syndrome (By David Coppel)

Supporting Student-Athletes in Transition (By Penny Semaia)

Chapter 5 – Social and Environmental Risk Factors

Risk Factors in the Sport Environment (By Emily Kroshus)

Harassment and Discrimination – Ethnic Minorities (By Terrie Williams)

Harassment and Discrimination – LGBTQ Student-Athletes (By Susan Rankin and Genevieve Weber)

The Haunting Legacy of Abuse (By Cindy Miller Aron)

Interpersonal Violence and the Student-Athlete Population (By Lydia Bell and Mary Wilfert)

Potential Barriers to Accessing Mental Health Services (By Ken Chew and Ron Thompson)

Chapter 6 – What Do You Do Now?

Best Practices for Athletics Departments (By Chris Klenck)

Interassociation Recommendations (By Timothy Neal)

Mental Health Checklists (By Scott Goldman)