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Mental Health Best Practices is now available

The NCAA Sport Science Institute is pleased to announce its latest publication, “Mental Health Best Practices: Inter-Association Consensus Document: Best Practices for Understanding and Supporting Student-Athlete Mental Wellness,” is now available.

Developed and endorsed by 24 of the most prominent medical, mental health, higher education and sports medicine organizations in the country, “Mental Health Best Practices” offers recommendations for member schools of all resource levels to implement in partnership with campus stakeholders in order to support student-athlete mental health and well-being.

The best practices include the following sections: Clinical Licensure of Practitioners Providing Mental Health Care; Procedures for Identification and Referral of Student-Athletes to Qualified Practitioners; Pre-Participation Mental Health Screening; and Health-Promoting Environments That Support Mental Health Well-Being and Resilience.

This resource may be downloaded from the NCAA Sport Science Institute website by visiting or by clicking here.

We invite any questions regarding the implementation of these best practices and look forward to working with athletics departments and their campus colleagues to continue to support our student-athletes, coaches and administrators on this important public health issue.