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Regional Compliance Seminar (Pilot)

The NCAA Division II Regional Compliance Seminar is an educational forum that provides programing and training on NCAA legislation, athletics compliance topics and associated governance initiatives.

The one-day professional development seminar is intended to provide specialized learning opportunities for athletics administrators and representatives from the offices of financial aid, registrar and admissions at a location in the selected region. Attendance at the seminar alleviates the need for individuals to attend the NCAA Regional Rules Seminar.

Note: The 2014 NCAA Division II Regional Compliance Seminar is a pilot program that was endorsed by the NCAA Division II Membership Committee. Continuation of this program will be evaluated by the membership committee following completion.

Seminar topics include

  • Legislative Updates
  • Navigating NCAA Technology (i.e., RSRO, Compliance Assistant (CA) and the Academic Tracking System (ATS))
  • Initial Eligibility and the NCAA Eligibility Center
  • Recruiting
  • Transfers
  • Progress-Toward-Degree Requirements
  • Financial Aid

Upcoming seminars

The 2015 NCAA Division II Regional Compliance seminar will take place February 23-24, 2015 in Irvine, California. Registration is currently closed. 

Attention Attendees: Please take time to review the seminar presentations prior to your arrival in Irvine:

Previous seminars

Southeast Regional Compliance Seminar

The Southeast Regional Compliance Seminar took place November 18-19, 2014 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Seminar Presentations:

East Regional Compliance Seminar

The East Regional Compliance Seminar took place May 14-15, 2014 in Trumbull, Connecticut.

Seminar Presentations:

Interested in learning more about the Division II Regional Compliance Seminar?

Please contact Jeff Watson, assistant director of academic and membership affairs, at