Fairleigh Dickinson University

2017 Career Development Award Winners

Gritt Broening

This Fairleigh Dickinson junior spent four weeks volunteering in Tanzania. During this time, she helped build a water tank, install solar panels, and educate village teachers with new teaching techniques. Her overarching goal is to help bring soccer to underdeveloped nations in Africa and believes that American colleges and universities could be a partner in accomplishing that goal.

Hometown: Seeheim-Jugenheim, Germany
School: Fairleigh Dickinson University
Major: Interdisciplinary Studies, concentration in Sports Administration
Sport: Women’s Soccer
GPA: 3.89

Samson Oyediran

A current redshirt sophomore at Tennessee State, Oyediran has a strong interest in human body mechanics and plans to work in a field helping to advance limb replacement. His goal is to operate his own health research center to work with others to produce schedules and training programs for rehabilitation.

Hometown: London, England
School: Tennessee State University
Major: Health Science
Sport: Men’s Basketball
GPA: 3.90

NCAA names AASP Career Development Award recipients

Gritt Broening of Fairleigh Dickinson and Samson Oyediran of Tennessee State were named the first recipients of the Accelerating Academic Success Program Career Development Award. The grant is the first of its kind for students who attend Accelerating Academic Success Program-eligible schools and plan to pursue a career in athletics.

Conversation Starter

Nevin Caple learned about the pressures and complex nature of finding safe and supportive athletics spaces during her undergraduate years at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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