Division II Governance

Division II employs a democratic style of governance in which all member schools vote on and hold themselves accountable to various policies and procedures. Division II has abided by its “One Institution, One Vote” system since the division was established in 1973.

Bylaws governing Division II are adopted through a membership-driven legislative process that culminates annually in a voting session during the NCAA Convention in January.

That process includes input from presidents, athletics administrators and staff, coaches, faculty representatives, conference personnel and student-athletes from Division II institutions and conferences who volunteer to serve on dozens of NCAA committees to conduct the division’s day-to-day business and establish strategic direction for the future. The membership receives assistance in this regard from a staff at the NCAA national office in Indianapolis that helps administer Division II affairs.

The student-athlete voice is an important component of the Division II governance structure. Two members of the Division II Student-Athlete Advisory Committee participate and vote in meetings of the Division II Management Council, the division’s primary policy-making body. The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee also votes on all proposals at the NCAA Convention.

Division II’s vast committee structure oversees everything from strategic planning and budget allocations to championships administration and marketing/communications.

Many of these regulations – as well as proposals to change existing policies – develop within the committee governance structure throughout the year, while other legislative proposals are submitted by member institutions and conferences.

Proposals from the membership must be sponsored by at least 15 active member institutions, or at least two active member conferences. Membership proposals must be submitted by July 15. Those proposals then filter through the governance structure to be considered by those committees that oversee areas to which the proposals refer.

All of these bylaws and regulations are published annually in the NCAA Division II Manual, which is the division’s official governing rulebook.