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Monthly Update (May 2014)

May 2014

This update is a tool to enhance communication between the NCAA national office and the NCAA Division III membership, with distribution to directors of athletics, senior woman administrators, faculty athletics representatives, presidents, national SAAC, conference commissioners and the NADIIIAA list serve. We encourage directors of athletics to share this communication with their athletics department staff. Please contact Louise McCleary at to include an item or share comments, and remember to log in to the Division III governance homepage for the latest news and information.

Hot Topics

Recruiting Working Group (RWG)

At the 2014 NCAA Convention, the RWG presented nine concepts to the membership, and collected feedback either through straw-poll voting or roundtable discussion and feedback. Click here for the RWG Executive Summary that details the roundtable feedback. The RWG recently forwarded two legislative proposals to the NCAA Division III Management Council and continues to work on the development of one or two more concepts. At its May in-person meeting, the RWG will determine if it will propose any additional legislation, as well as develop recruiting best practices.

2014 Grad Rate Reporting

This is the fifth reporting cycle for Division III member schools to voluntarily report the graduation rates of their student-athletes, and the NCAA Division III Presidents Council strongly encourages all institutions to participate in the program. The 2013 reporting cycle showed that for the 139 institutions that submitted data, student-athletes are graduating at a higher federal rate than their general student counterparts (68 percent to 61 percent respectively). However for consecutive years, the report has shown a lower rate for football players and African-American student-athletes – a topic that needs further attention and data. The Council is asking for assistance in this regard. Moreover, the Council believes that this aggregate report is relevant and valuable for the division as a whole, as well for individual institutions, in emphasizing the academic value and success of Division III’s intercollegiate athletics programs. Those institutions that have participated are asked to continue their commitment to the program and discuss with presidential colleagues the program’s relevance and value. Those who have not participated in the past are encouraged to consider submitting data during this upcoming reporting cycle. Division III has retained its honorarium fund to encourage the voluntary submission of student-athlete data. The reporting portal is now available and will close June 1. Questions concerning the reporting process should be addressed to Maria DeJulio, 913/397-7668, or Eric Hartung, 317/917-6306.

Division III Week

Participation in Division III Week continues to grow, with 218 member institutions (49 percent) showing support during the 2014 celebration April 7-13 via activities ranging from hosting multiple events on campus to promoting events with Facebook posts and Twitter messages. The participating schools represent 40 of Division III’s 43 multisport conferences. Many schools created outstanding editorial content to promote the week (including more than two dozen schools that produced videos), and approximately three dozen schools conducted activities benefiting Special Olympics. In some instances, schools also incorporated National Student-Athlete Day and the 40th Anniversary celebration into the week's activities. The attached report indicates activities that were reported or that otherwise were called to the attention of the national office. If you are aware of participation by a school or an activity that is not noted in the report, please report that information via the Division III Week online reporting form or the email address.

Using social media, schools also helped Division III raise funds for Special Olympics, by encouraging “likes” at our Facebook page and new followers for our Twitter feed. Including donations collected at a staff event at the NCAA national office, Division III donated $2,628.28 to Special Olympics North America. Looking ahead to 2015, dates are set for the fourth annual Division III Week, scheduled for April 6-12, 2015. While planning for next year’s event, remember to make use of resources and to check for updates at our Division III Week website.

Research Extra Point

Approximately once a month, the research group posts a “Research Extra Point” on These are one-page snapshots (summary and graphic) of a particular finding from some of our larger studies. A recent extra point highlighted that nearly one-quarter of students who attend Division III colleges participate in NCAA athletics. An important part of the mission of Division III is to ensure that these student-athletes have a comprehensive college experience, engage fully in college life and develop a strong connection and sense of belonging to the overall campus community. Click here for the Research Extra Point – Does Athletics Enhance the Division III College Experience?

Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR) Updates

Faculty Athletics Representatives (FAR) have a unique role in intercollegiate athletics. They serve their student-athlete populations by understanding the challenges of being a student-athlete and simultaneously FARs must understand athletic department and NCAA policies. However FARs also must be independent of the athletics department in order to advocate for student-athlete well-being and address issues. It can be a difficult balance. Fortunately, there are a number of professional development opportunities for FARs to learn from their peers, athletics department professionals and NCAA staff.

All FARs have the opportunity to attend the Faculty Athletics Representatives Association (FARA) Annual Meeting and Symposium (FAMS) and the NCAA Annual Convention. The FARA Executive Committee recently began the planning process for FAMS which will be held November 13-15 in New Orleans, Louisiana. This symposium will be the 25th anniversary of the establishment of FARA, and this year’s meeting will celebrate that legacy. The 2015 NCAA Convention (January 14-17, 2015 – Washington, D.C.) also provides an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the FAR role and helps to provide context to Division III and intercollegiate athletics. These professional development opportunities are important enough to the division that the NCAA allocated grant funds, available through your conference offices, to help support travel. Additional information on both of these opportunities will be available as we get closer to the fall semester, but FARs are encouraged to start planning now to attend these meetings. One other opportunity to develop your leadership skills as an FAR is available through the Division III Faculty Athletics Representatives Fellows Institute. Scheduled for October 17-19, applications are coordinated through conference offices and is limited to 30 FARs per year. A brief article on the Institute was in the last issue of the FARA Voice.

Regardless of which of these opportunities FARs might be able to attend, the most important thing is to recognize that the FAR is in an important position. Participating in professional development opportunities and continuing to develop in the role helps to ensure that student-athletes are able to make the most of their experiences. For more information about the FARA Annual Meeting please feel free to contact Michael Miranda, NCAA liaison to FARA.

Special Olympics

Spotlight Poll

The NCAA Division III Special Olympics Spotlight Poll is a story-telling initiative located on It features three new stories per month – each highlighting a Division III and Special Olympics joint activity or event. The story with the highest number of votes on the 25th day of each month is the winner. That institution or conference will be given $500 to use for its next Special Olympics event. Other perks for winning include being recognized in the Division III Monthly Update and on the Division III Special Olympics website. Both written and digital (video, photo book, etc.) submissions will be accepted. Featured stories are selected based on inclusion of the student-athlete perspective and Division III messaging. To submit a story for consideration, please email

April Winner

After 3101 total votes, Marietta Hosts Sports Extravaganza won the April Special Olympics Spotlight poll with 55% (1,703) of the votes! Illinois Wesleyan came in second with 42% (99) of the votes. Marietta College will be given $500 to use for its next Special Olympics event!

May Nominees:

Click here to vote starting Thursday, May 1. The winner will be announced Wednesday, May 28, 2014.

Social Media

During a yearlong celebration of Division III's 40th anniversary, is publishing weekly profiles of student-athletes who attended Division III member institutions during the past 40 years. The stories will continue to post each Wednesday through June 25, 2014.

NCAA Division III Facebook

Be sure to check Facebook for all the latest news, including feature stories on student-athletes within the membership!


Use Twitter to stay up to date on winter sports action and the latest division news. And remember to use #whyd3 to help spread the word in your tweets.

Thanks to our new ‘likes’ on Facebook and followers on Twitter, we raised $1,567 for Special Olympics during Division III Week! Take a look at the social conversation during #d3week here:

Academic and Membership Affairs (AMA)

SLR Guidelines and Policies and Procedures

The NCAA Division III Management Council Subcommittee for Legislative Relief’s (SLR) guidelines and policies and procedures were updated in March 2014.

ISSG Reminder

NCAA Constitution 6.3.1 requires all NCAA Division III institutions to conduct a comprehensive self-study and evaluation of their athletics programs at least once every five years. Click here to see which schools are required to complete their ISSG and supporting documentation by June 2, 2014. Please disregard if your institution has already submitted this year’s ISSG.

Click here for the user manual. This information must be entered into the electronic ISSG by all institutions; fax, hard copy or email submissions of the ISSG will not be accepted. The ISSG is located behind the Single-Source Sign-On System and can be accessed via the My Application link on (if access has been granted by the institution’s Single-Source Sign-On Administrator). Institutions that need technical assistance are asked to send questions via email to Robin Burger at


Official Interpretation. Coach Competing against Student-Athletes (III).. Date Issued: March 20, 2014. Date Published: March 27, 2014. Item Ref: 2-d.

Interpretation: The Interpretations and Legislation Committee confirmed that it is permissible for a member institution's coach to compete against or coach against a team including student-athletes from that coach’s sport, provided the coaching staff member does not direct, supervise or otherwise engage in practice activities with the student-athletes during the competition.

[References: NCAA Division III Bylaws (athletically related activities); 17.1.5 (out-of-season athletically related activities); (involvement of coaching staff); and a staff interpretation (12/2/2013, Item No. a) which has been archived.]

Official Interpretation. Attendance of Student-Athletes and Institutional Staff Members at an Exhibition of a Future Opponent (III). Date Issued: March 20, 2014. Date Published: March 27, 2014. Item Ref: 2-c.

Interpretation: The Interpretations and Legislation Committee determined that a student-athlete or an institutional staff member, including an athletics department staff member without coaching responsibilities, may attend a scrimmage or exhibition contest provided the student-athlete or staff member is not attending at the direction of or reporting back to a coaching staff member.

[Reference: NCAA Division III Bylaw 11.6 (limitations on scouting of opponents)]

Official Interpretation. Application of the Loss of Competition for Use of Banned Drugs for a Multisport Student-Athlete (III). Date Issued: March 20, 2014. Date Published: March 27, 2014. Item Ref: 2-b.

Interpretation: The Interpretations and Legislation Committee determined that a positive street drug test renders a multisport student-athlete ineligible for 50 percent of a season of participation in each sport in which the student-athlete participates.

[References: NCAA Division III Bylaw (ineligibility for use of banned drugs) and (duration of ineligibility -- "street drugs")]

Official Interpretation. Catastrophic Injury Reporting and Types of Injuries and Illnesses Classified as "Catastrophic" (III). Date Issued: March 20, 2014. Date Published: March 27, 2014. Item Ref: 2-a.

Interpretation: The Interpretations and Legislation Committee determined that catastrophic injuries are defined as fatalities, permanent disability injuries, serious injuries (fractured neck or serious head injury) even though the athlete has a full recovery, temporary or transient paralysis (athlete has no movement for a short time, but has a complete recovery), heat stroke due to exercise or sudden cardiac arrest or sudden cardiac or severe cardiac disruption.

[References: NCAA Division III Bylaw 3.2.4 (conditions and obligations of membership) and Bylaw (catastrophic sport injury report)]

Official Interpretation. Triathlon Student-Athlete Participating in a Triathlon During the Playing and Practice Season (III). Date Issued: March 20, 2014. Date Published: March 27, 2014. Item Ref: 1-b.

Interpretation: The Interpretations and Legislation Committee determined that a triathlon student-athlete may not participate in a triathlon as part of an outside team during the institution's declared triathlon playing and practice season. A triathlon student-athlete may participate in a race or swim competition as part of an outside team without the competition being considered impermissible outside competition.

[Reference: NCAA Division III Bylaws 14.7.1 (outside competition) and 14.7.3 (exceptions -- all sports)]

Official Interpretation. Use of a Season of Intercollegiate Participation in Triathlon (III). Date Issued: March 20, 2014. Date Published: March 27, 2014. Item Ref: 1-a.

Interpretation: The Interpretations and Legislation Committee determined that participation in triathlon does not constitute the use of a season of intercollegiate participation in cross country, track and field or swimming and diving.

[Reference: NCAA Division III Bylaw (minimum amount of participation)]

Staff Interpretation. Coaching Staff Member who is a Relative or Individual of Comparable Relationship to Participant in an Exhibition or Scrimmage (III). Date Issued: March 19, 2014. Date Published: March 27, 2014. Item Ref: b.

Interpretation: The academic and membership affairs staff confirmed that the prohibition against scouting of opponents at scrimmages and exhibition contests does not preclude a coaching staff member from attending an exhibition or scrimmage if the coaching staff member is a relative or individual of a comparable relationship of a participant (e.g., player, coach) in the competition.

[References: NCAA Division III Bylaw 11.6 (limitations on scouting of opponents)]

Regional Rules Seminars

2014 Regional Rules

Registration for the 2014 NCAA Regional Rules Seminars (RRS) is open. The Regional Rules Seminars will be conducted May 20-23 in Atlanta, Georgia, and June 3-6 in San Diego, California. Registration and more information on the seminars can be found at Per Constitution, Division III institutions are required to send an institutional representative to Regional Rules Seminars at least once in three years. Click here to see which institutions are required to attend a Regional Rules Seminar this year. This is a full list; if your institution has already registered for the seminars or have resolved a previous attendance issue with NCAA staff, you may disregard this message. Hotel rooms in both Atlanta and San Diego are sold out. If you have not made your hotel arrangements, attached is a list of hotels near both the Omni Hotel at CNN Center/Atlanta and the Manchester Grand Hyatt/San Diego. While the NCAA does not have any pricing agreements with these hotels, hopefully, the list will assist you in selecting a hotel in the near vicinity within a reasonable walking distance.

CoSIDA Updates

CoSIDA Convention

Have you registered for the 2014 CoSIDA Convention, taking place June 8-11 in Orlando. Preregistration ends Monday, May 12. A day featuring Division III specific programming will occur Monday, June 9, and for the first time, additional dollars were added to the Division III Conference Grant specifically for campus sports information directors to receive professional development opportunities. Click here to get online registration and hotel reservations. For a full schedule of events click here.

Division III/D3SIDA Recognition Program.

Judging is underway to select the best work portraying Division III -- including news releases, feature articles, videos, blogs and other materials – produced by campus and conference athletics communication offices during the first three months of 2014. Honorees for January through March will be announced this month. Meanwhile, conferences and schools are urged to nominate work from April through June for consideration in the quarterly recognition program, via our email address. The recognition program seeks to call attention to work portraying the student-athlete experience and the Division III identity – focusing on the attributes of Proportion, Comprehensive Learning, Passion, Responsibility, Sportsmanship and Citizenship. Each quarter’s top honoree will receive a $500 credit for the purchase of promotional items at the Division III purchasing website. A panel of D3SIDA members selects the recipients, including honorable mention awards, with winners then publicized through and other platforms. The recognition program is part of the Division III identity initiative.

Educational Information

Postgraduate Scholarship

The NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship for spring sports closes Monday, June 16, at 5 p.m. Eastern time. Please be mindful that letters of recommendations are required for your student-athletes’ nomination forms. Direct all questions to Lori Thomas or call 317/917-6683.

National Conference On Race & Ethnicity In American Higher Education

The NCAA is excited to announce the partnership of the NCAA with the National Conference on Race & Ethnicity (NCORE) in American Higher Education. We invite you to join us at NCORE May 27-31, 2014, in Indianapolis, Indiana. What is NCORE? Simply put, NCORE is the leading and most comprehensive national forum on issues of race and ethnicity in American higher education. And this year, we are very excited to have an enhanced focus on athletics. As a guest of the NCAA, we are providing a 10% discount savings to athletics departments to attend the 2014 NCORE. To take advantage of this great deal click here. Join the conversation and help build more inclusive campuses for your student-athletes and staff.

2013-14 NCAA Student-athlete Sportsmanship Awards

These awards honor student-athletes who have distinguished themselves through demonstrated acts of sportsmanship and ethical behavior. The awards are administered by the Committee on Sportsmanship and Ethical Conduct (CSEC), which was established in 1997. From the nominees, the CSEC is encouraged to select six divisional honorees, one male and one female (individual or group) from each division, as well as one team chosen from all divisions. This year, the CSEC requests that nominations be sent directly from institutions to the NCAA. Conference approval and submission of nominations to the NCAA is no longer required, however, institutions are asked to notify their conference of nominations they have sent. The submission deadline is June 17, 2014.

2013-14 NCAA Bob Frederick Sportsmanship Award

The award will honor a coach, administrator or staff member (past or present) who possesses a demonstrated history of sportsmanship. This individual will have displayed the utmost respect for NCAA intercollegiate athletics and all who participate by leading by example and promoting positive fan involvement in and out of the competition setting. As Bob Frederick was, the recipient of this award will be known by his or her dedication to preserving the integrity of intercollegiate athletics. The submission deadline is June 17, 2014.


Per Diem Suspended for 2014-15.

Based on a recommendation from the championships committee, the Management Council voted to suspend implementation of championships per diem increases slated for 2014-15. The specific per diem suspensions include a $5 increase from $95 to $100 in the per diem rate for participating institutions and a half-day increase in the number of days per diem provided in team-sport championships; the changes were estimated to cost $1.2 million annually. Understanding that the planned per diem changes were intended to more fully fund the championships experience for participating institutions, the council believes that the changes are necessary to control for the anticipated increase in championships travel expense as well as provide a foundation for future budget planning for the championships program.

2015 Wrestling Regionals

The 2015 Wrestling Championship Regional dates have been recently updated on the Master Calendar. Click here to access the changes.

Committee Updates

Several committees conducted in-person meetings in April.

Key Dates for May Through July 2014

Date Meetings/Championship Location
May 1-3 NCAA Inclusion Forum Orlando, Florida
May 1-3 Postgraduate Scholarship Meeting Indianapolis, Indiana
May 4 Men's and Women's Lacrosse Selections Indianapolis, Indiana
May 4 Softball Selections Indianapolis, Indiana
May 4-5 Men's and Women's Tennis Selections Indianapolis, Indiana
May 5 Men's and Women's Golf Selections Indianapolis, Indiana
May 11 Baseball Selections Indianapolis, Indiana
May 12 Women's Rowing Selections Indianapolis, Indiana
May 13-16 Men's Golf Championship Greensboro, North Carolina
May 13-16 Women's Golf Championship Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida
May 18 Men's and Women's Outdoor Track & Field Selections Indianapolis, Indiana
May 19-24 Men's and Women's Tennis Championship Claremont, California
May 20-23 Regional Rules Seminar Atlanta, Georgia
May 22-24 Men's and Women's Outdoor Track & Field Championship Delaware, Ohio
May 22-27 Softball Championship Tyler, Texas
May 23-27 Baseball Championship Appleton, Wisconsin
May 24-25 Women's Lacrosse Championship Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
May 25 Men's Lacrosse Championship Baltimore, Maryland
May 28-29 Championships Committee Meeting Indianapolis, Indiana
May 30-31 Women's Rowing Championship Indianapolis, Indiana
June 3-6 Regional Rules Seminar San Diego, California
June 11-12 Membership Committee Meeting Indianapolis, Indiana
July 17-19 Postgraduate Scholarship Committee Meeting Indianapolis, Indiana
July 18-20 National SAAC Meeting Indianapolis, Indiana
July 21-22 Management Council Meeting Indianapolis, Indiana