Division II Committees

As with all NCAA divisions, Division II relies on volunteers who serve on committees to develop and implement policies and procedures that guide how Division II institutions operate their athletics programs. These volunteers include college and university presidents; athletics directors; coaches, student-athletes and staff; faculty members; and conference office personnel.

The division’s top policy-making and strategy group is the Presidents Council, which is composed of 16 presidents and chancellors at Division II schools. The Presidents Council is the division’s ultimate authority on legislation, policy and strategic direction.

The Division II Management Council handles more of the day-to-day affairs of the division and serves as the primary advisory group to the Presidents Council. Management Council members include athletics directors, conference commissioners, faculty members and student-athlete representatives.

All three NCAA divisions also include a Student-Athlete Advisory Committee composed of student-athlete representatives in all sports. These committees play an important role in divisional affairs and offer persuasive views on legislative matters and other proposals. Division II SAAC members also hold voting positions on other committees, including the Division II Management Council, and vote on proposals at the annual NCAA Convention.

Several committees are charged with monitoring specific areas, such as the Academic Requirements Committee, which is the primary body that develops academic policy for the division, or the Championships Committee, which oversees rules and regulations regarding how Division II championships are administered.

In addition, Division II has committees that govern each sport and are responsible for administering their respective championships, including establishing brackets and selecting teams to fill them.

Division II also has representatives on committees responsible for policies that affect all NCAA members. These include committees that develop playing rules for sports or oversee various award programs.

The Division II Presidents Council and Management Council chairs also serve on the NCAA Board of Governors, which oversees the offices of the NCAA president and legal counsel, and authorizes the NCAA’s media-rights negotiations.