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Olympic Sports Liaison Committee

The purpose of the Olympic Sports Liaison Committee is to facilitate communication and understanding between the NCAA, the USOC and the national governing bodies. Through this communication the Olympic Sports Liaison Committee will assist the USOC and the national governing bodies in facilitating the best possible development of elite athletes within the contact of the NCAA's commitment to education and a broad-based development of all student-athletes. The Olympic Sports Liaison Committee will provide an avenue of communication and access for the USOC and national governing bodies into the NCAA process and, where appropriate, make recommendations to the NCAA membership. Finally, the Olympic Sports Liaison Committee will strive to provide education to the USOC, national governing bodies and student-athletes regarding NCAA rules and regulations as they apply to world-class athletes.

Committee chair:

  • Korinth Patterson, Mid-American Conference

NCAA Olympic Sports Liaison Committee staff liaisons:

  • Alex Smith, Associate Director of Academic and Membership Affairs
  • Liz Turner Suscha, Director of Championships and Alliances


Fourteen members, including one from each division and subdivision of Division I. One student-athlete from each division shall serve as a member of the committee and may serve on the committee up to two years after the completion of his or her intercollegiate eligibility. In Divisions II and III at least one representative will be a member of the Management Council as addressed in Bylaws 21.8 and 21.6.

NCAA USOC Task Force Report

Committee proceedings: