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NCAA Division I Board of Directors Finance Committee

The Board of Governors has fiscal responsibilities which include final approval and oversight of budgetary matters of Association-wide issues (e.g., tax returns, regulatory requirements, investments, Association-wide budgets). The Division I Board of Directors Finance Committee shall assist the Division I Board of Directors in providing oversight and approval for the Division I annual budget and allocation of Division I revenue distribution to membership. The Division I Board of Directors has final authority for all Division I budget matters and the Finance Committee reports to the Board of Directors. The Finance Committee has the following responsibilities and duties:

  1. Division I Program Budget. The committee will provide oversight and approval of the annual Division I program budget. This budget will include the Division I championship budget, which provides funds for championship event operations, per diem for membership and team travel related to championships. It will also include funds that are allocated to scholarship and grant programs specific to Division I.
  2.  Division I Revenue Distribution Policy. The committee will annually review and provide oversight for the Division I revenue distribution policy and process.
  3. Division I Revenue Distribution Funds. The committee will provide oversight for the allocation of the total Division I revenue distribution funds within the total amount established in the Association’s 10-year strategic financial plan that is approved by the Board of Governors.

NCAA staff is responsible for the operational implementation of the approved Division I program budget that falls under the purview of the Finance Committee. This includes reallocations of the budget during the fiscal year based on budget variances, changes in operational needs, and the ability to commit funds (i.e., contracts) per Association financial policy.

Committee Proceedings: