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Division I Presidential Forum

The Presidential Forum is comprised of one president or chancellor from each of the 32 Division I Conferences. The purpose of the forum is to assist the NCAA Division I Board of Directors in accomplishing its strategic mission in the Division I governance structure and help ensure that the NCAA core value involving presidential leadership of intercollegiate athletics at the campus, conference and national level is achieved.

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Presidential Forum Sustainability Review

The NCAA Division I Board of Directors and Presidential Forum identified sustainability as it relates to the Division I collegiate model of athletics as a top priority. The Division I Board supported the Presidential Forum’s request to take a lead role in recommending strategies and initiatives to protect and enhance intercollegiate athletics at the Division I level.

The Board of Directors and the Forum already have agreed that this review is not merely a cursory glance over “the idea of sustainability,” but an imperative project that can help provide direction for the future of the collegiate model. While sustainability has been broached in various manners in the past as a way to manage the rising costs of athletics, the COVID-19 pandemic has shone a brighter spotlight on the long-standing challenges related to sustainability, not only for intercollegiate athletics but for higher education in general.

The resources provided below are intended to assist the NCAA membership in conducting conference-level discussions during the exploration phase of the sustainability review. Each Division I conference has been asked to provide feedback from its membership to the Presidential Forum by March 2021. That feedback will assist the Presidential Forum in prioritizing issues for the next phase of the review beginning in April 2021. Additional resource materials will be added as the sustainability review proceeds.

Sustainability Briefing Document

The sustainability briefing document frames the issues at hand and serves as a starting point for the Forum to begin developing short- and long-term solutions that sustain the collegiate model now and in the future.

Sustainability Review Guide

This Review Guide accompanies the Briefing Document and offers questions in various categories to fuel discussion. The questions are not exhaustive, as these conversations will inherently produce topics and queries not listed, and that is as it should be. In addition, the categories, while separate at the outset, should be viewed as concentric circles in which discussion undoubtedly will overlap. The final set of recommendations will serve collectively to guide future decision making.

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