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Division I Board of Directors Infractions Process Committee

The Division I Infractions Process Committee shall support the Board of Directors in its oversight of the infractions process.  Specifically, the committee shall:  

  1. Provide the Board of Directors with periodic reports, including recommendations, analysis and data with regard to infractions processes and matters.
  2. Review the overall effectiveness of the infractions process structure and operation including the internal NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions, Division I Infractions Appeals Committee and external Independent Accountability Review Process. Reviews should include internal reports and performance metrics. The chair of the Division I Board of Directors and the chair of the Independent Accountability Oversight Committee will annually provide the Infractions Process Committee recommendations for topics or areas that should be reviewed in an effort to enhance the quality of all processes.

The Infractions Process Committee, in consultation with the chairs of the Board of Directors and the Independent Oversight Accountability Committee, may recommend reviews by outside professionals/entities capable of assessments of the adjudication processes. Recommendation of outside reviews require approval of the Board of Directors.

To continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the infractions process, the following areas that are the responsibility of NCAA staff management should be considered in reviews: 

  • Education of the membership about the role and value of the infractions process;
  • Collaboration with membership constituencies and other organizations (e.g., coaches associations) to create a culture of compliance and ethical decision-making among their members; and
  • Monitor enforcement trends in key areas (e.g., recruiting, extra benefits, academic misconduct).

Committee Proceedings: