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Creating an environment of trust and collaboration between member schools/conferences and the NCAA’s enforcement staff is vital to making sure the schools that follow the rules are not disadvantaged by their commitment to compliance. The NCAA’s enforcement development staff works with member schools and their athletics department to identify issues and concerns affecting college sports, and to encourage the reporting of potential violations as early as possible. 

“Protect the Game” drives dialogue about upholding the integrity of college sports, focusing on the responsibilities of the membership and the NCAA. 

Coaches, athletic administrators, and athletes play an important role in helping the membership identify threats to the collegiate model that may impact the landscape of college sports. 

How can you help?

The NCAA, parents, coaches, and players alike have a shared interest in ensuring the integrity of college athletics and helping Protect the Game.

If you witness anything suspicious that is a potential NCAA rules violation you are encouraged to report it.

Information regarding potential rules violations can be reported by calling the NCAA at 317-917-6008.