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Institutional Responsibilities Regarding Recruiting/Scouting Service Approvals

All recruiting/scouting service approvals granted are based on information available to the NCAA at the time of the application. Once approved, the service will be identified on the list of approved services that can be accessed with the following URL: Access to the list is limited to those in the NCAA membership with an account a MyApps login..

Approvals for more than one subscription year are visible on the list of approved services. Institutional compliance staff are cautioned to make sure to look at the correct year's list when determining if a service is permissible for Division I coach purchase. Many services will appear on both lists while others will not; so, the year of approval is important.

Recruiting/scouting service applications may be submitted until 11:59 PM (Eastern Time) on May 31. Due to high volume in the days leading up to the deadline, the list of approvals is likely to update frequently through the summer.

An NCAA Division I institution that subscribes to an approved recruiting/scouting service has an expectation of shared responsibility to monitor that the service is compliant with the legislation and notify the ECAG of any concerns, noncompliance, concerns or inadequacies. Institutions are expected to confirm that the recruiting/scouting service complies with the criteria set forth in Bylaw 13.14.3, notably the approved fee rate, receipt of required reports and that product is like the provided sample posted on the NCAA approval list.

  1. Institutions are expected to confirm that the fee rate charged to the institution is the same as the fee rate posted on the NCAA list of approved services.
  2. For conventional services, an institution is expected to confirm that it receives PSA information from the recruiting/scouting service (i.e., reports, evaluation, profiles, etc.) a minimum of four times per annual cycle. For online services, that means that the website is continually being updated. In both cases, the institution is expected to confirm that the service is being enhanced on a regular basis (i.e., expanding information provided previously, including additional athletes, etc.) and that work product provided is generated by that service.
  3. If the services purchased are NCAA approved as a "video only" service, the institution should ensure that it is truly video only. To assist NCAA coaches in identifying who they are watching, video-only scouting services are permitted to provide the PSA's name, jersey number, position, high school and graduation date year Institution should monitor that the services is are not providing information or analysis that would change the service to a conventional service.
  4. Institutions are expected to confirm that the product received by the institution is consistent with the "sample" accessible on the NCAA List of Approved Services available on and only visible to the NCAA membership (MyApps login required).

Multi-year contracts:

Bylaw precludes institutions from purchasing more than one annual subscription from a recruiting/scouting service. The legislation does not directly prohibit an institution from purchasing a service for more than a one-year term. However, as there is an annual approval process and the list of permissible services will change from year to year, the ECAG staff cautions against signing multi-year contracts with recruiting/scouting services as that may open institutions up to future violations if the services are deemed impermissible during the term of the multi-year contract.