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Coaching a Team in an NCAA-Certified Event?


Things to Do Prior to Participation

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Team Administration Functions

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General Information:

  • Legislation
  • Permissible Dates - Event
    • All deadlines are Eastern Time.
    • Circumstances are not considered.
    • The BBCS will date stamp all activity within the system. In that regard, the system date for submission of applications and review forms cannot be disputed.
    • If additional information is requested by ECAG and cannot be completed within the BBCS, it is the operator's responsibility to produce proof of a timely submission. Therefore, it is recommended that operators send all materials via traceable delivery. If the documents are sent via facsimile, keep verification of the transmission.
    • Detailed description: Deadline Policy

Information Regarding Event Rules:

Team Compliance

The coach(s) is responsible for ensuring that the team is compliant with NCAA requirements. Make sure you know and understand these requirements and that all of your athletes comply. Violations could result in your inability to coach in NCAA-certified events for a period of up to five years.


Reminder of Possible Penalties

By voluntarily participating in NCAA-certified events, coaches/teams are submitting to and agreeing to be compliant with NCAA requirements. Coaches and team administrators are responsible for knowing what the NCAA requires of them and will be held accountable to all information posted online (www.ncaa/ECAG). 

ECAG encourages you to frequent the site for changes that may occur. Failure to be compliant or allowing the participation of other coaches/teams that are not compliant is subject to penalties described in the ECAG Adverse Actions and may result in the withdrawal of current or denial of future certification/approval for a period of up to five (5) years.


Changes in Initial-Eligibility Standards Impacting Class of 2016