The NCAA enforcement staff is mindful of the evolving COVID-19 public health threat and its impact. We are sensitive to unique needs member schools are facing. In an effort to address important public health precautions, the NCAA and its members have made several decisions related to the initial impact of the COVID-19 virus on the operation of campuses and athletics. Leaders in Division I and II have put an immediate ban on in-person recruiting until April 15. Impermissible contacts and other violations at this time disadvantage schools that follow the rules and compromise public health. Members expect compliance with applicable rules during this dead period, and we are working to prevent or detect meaningful infractions. We encourage coaches and schools to report instances of impermissible recruiting and other violations to the enforcement staff.


Enforcement is one component of the infractions process.  The mission of the enforcement department is to uphold integrity and fair play among member schools; ensure that compliant schools and student-athletes are not disadvantaged by their compliance and provide fair procedures and timely resolution of cases.

Enforcement by the Numbers

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