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Autonomy 5 Medical Advisory Group Roster

Angelo Galante, Team Physician at Georgia Tech University Paul S Pottinger, Infectious Disease at University of Washington Chris Hostler, Infectious Disease at Duke University and partner in Infection Control Education for Major Sports...

COVID-19 Resources for Transition Periods and Return to Activity

This information is provided for primary athletics health care providers, strength and conditioning professionals, and athletics health care administrators, and includes content excerpted from guidance originally developed by the NCAA...

American Medical Society for Sports Medicine Working Group Roster

Dr. Chad Asplund – Professor; Family Medicine and Orthopedics; Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine – North Central University, Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Dr. Doug Aukerman – Director of Sports Medicine; Senior Associate Athletic...

Resocialization of Collegiate Sport: Action Plan Considerations

As the rates of infection and death from COVID-19 have recently declined or stabilized in some areas of the country, many states have established plans for resocialization, and there is an increasing dialogue about the need to balance the economic and other benefits of resocialization and reopening with the need to protect society from the public health consequences of the ongoing spread of COVID-19. Until a vaccine is in place, or until there is effective treatment, this type of balance analysis should continue, with an understanding that the most effective strategy to mitigate COVID-19 spread during resocialization.

Core Principles of Resocialization of Collegiate Sport: Frequently Asked Questions

This frequently asked questions document is the first of many communications that will be provided to the NCAA membership as a follow-up to Core Principles of Resocialization of Collegiate Sport.

Core Principles of Resocialization of Collegiate Sport

Resocialization of collegiate sport must be grounded in resocialization of college campuses. As with society at large, such resocialization must be measured, nimble and based on sound science.

COVID-19 Advisory Panel Exercise Recommendations

During this time of crisis and behavioral risk mitigation, it is important to pay attention to your health, which includes healthy exercise. Even though winter and spring NCAA championships have been cancelled, exercise, including strength...

Guidance to the NCAA membership about the Arrington Certification Process

The purpose of this memo is to provide membership with: (1) additional information about the availability of an online platform and process that has been established to facilitate membership certification under the Arrington Class...

What NCAA members need to know about COVID-19

Member schools have the primary responsibility for ensuring that actionable plans are in place to guide the local response to a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 among school personnel or a related exposure to the virus at an on-...

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The NCAA continues to closely monitor COVID-19 and is taking proactive measures to mitigate the impact of the virus. When it comes to decision-making, our commitment is this: protect the health and safety of college athletes.


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