New board members learn the NCAA’s ins and outs

When NCAA members voted in January to add five new independent directors to the Board of Governors, an obvious question emerged.

Division III commissioners and sport committees are collaborating to redraw sport regions

After a pair of unsuccessful attempts over the past decade to recalibrate Division III’s sport regions, a Division III Conference Commissioners Association subcommittee convened in 2016 to try to succeed where other efforts had fallen short.

Former student-athletes returning to limited-resource colleges can apply for NCAA funds

This fall, the first students receiving educational dollars from the NCAA Division I Former Student-Athlete Degree Achievement Program will begin classes to reach a goal they didn’t achieve the first time around: a college degree.

DII launches new workshop to support compliance administrators and help them grow

Within an athletics department, the role of a compliance administrator can be thankless, expansive and, at times, isolating.

Cornell gymnast to lead Division I SAAC

In January, Morgan Chall was named chair of the national Division I Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. A native of San Mateo, California, Chall says she looks forward to tackling the committee’s priorities for the 2019-20 academic year.

Important steps taken toward implementing more robust version of Division III University

An educational resource for coaches and administrators launched in December, designed to mirror a similar program adopted by Division II in spring 2018.

5 ways to get smart about college basketball reform

There has been no shortage of questions about the reform effort around college basketball in the past few months.

Data at Your Fingertips

How many Division I student-athletes earned their degrees? What was the most popular field of study for Division II college athletes? How many NCAA field hockey players compete nationwide?

DI leaders consider the difference reorganization has made

The 2019 NCAA Convention marks the fifth since Division I restructured to give more autonomy to five conferences and make the governance structure more efficient.


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