Working group seeks more engagement from DIII FARs

Kurt Beron, a Texas-Dallas economics professor, has served as the school’s faculty athletics representative since 2000.

New convention brings Division II SAACs together

Tracking the pulse of more than 120,000 Division II student-athletes is no small task for the 27 students and recent graduates who make up the national Division II SAAC.

Researcher collects experiences of college athletes-turned-mothers

As she searched for topics to delve into during her graduate studies, Candice Williams became intrigued by the concept of elite athletes who also are new mothers.

New survey reveals lack of clarity about designation of senior woman administrators

When Jane Miller gave up coaching in 1995 to become a full-time administrator in Virginia athletics, three letters in her title catapulted her career.

Goals Met, Goals Set

Division III governance committees made difficult decisions to help bring the division’s budget back in order.

Keeping Their Balance

At a Division II meeting during the summer attended by conference commissioners, university presidents and student-athletes, a volleyball player shared a concern that reverberated through the room.

A Decade in the Making

Ten years ago, the NCAA relocated millions of paper files — piled high in an Iowa warehouse — to Indianapolis.

Game Day the DIII Way

Division III sporting events may soon have a Disney touch.

Group Participation

A new task force in Division II is looking to boost awareness of a long-standing NCAA data-collection program.

Service Break

New Division I rules designed to encourage student-athletes to participate in study-abroad programs will take effect in August.


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