Signs of Sportsmanship

When we look back on the spring of 2018, we may remember this time for the recommendations of the Commission on College Basketball and the settlement of a significant concussion trial.

Back to the Drawing Board

A proposal that would have altered the Division III football preseason to permanently implement important health and safety recommendations was defeated at the 2018 NCAA Convention, prompting the division’s members and governing bodies to explore the issue and emerge with a new proposal.

One team’s short-lived dance in tournament reminds why college basketball is worth fighting for

Each spring, my favorite March Madness memory replays in vivid detail as I watch the buzzer beaters punctuating the excitement of the Division I Men’s Basketball Championship.

DII aims to bolster involvement in injury surveillance program

No priority can be higher than the health and safety of our student-athletes, and making knowledgeable, informed decisions to promote their well-being requires accurate data.

Return on Investment

Darious Williams was loading flowers into a truck two years ago. Let that sink in for a moment. Then, consider the season the senior just had in closing out the remarkable rebirth of football at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Better, But Not Bigger

The Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committee represents the interests of more than 180,000 student-athletes.

Rules for a Reason

Over a quiet breakfast, the concerns voiced by the coach sounded dire.

Mulling Over a Move Into Mexico

The quality of the student-athlete experience is a priority when we think of our students and their performance on our teams.

Strong Out of the Gate

During the past two years, it has been my honor to serve as the inaugural chair of the NCAA Division I Council.


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