Daring To Be Bold: A Strategic Planning Update

Strategic Planning Working Group, provides an update on the next strategic plan for the NCAA.

Misunderstandings abound about how the Transfer Portal is designed to work

The college sports world is complex. And sometimes — often understandably — even the people who work in it every day get a little confused about how it works.

DIII SAAC works to make sports sustainable

One of the Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committee’s primary goals this year is to help athletics departments and student-athletes focus on sustainability.

More athletics departments in autonomy conferences are self-sufficient, but others in DI are increasingly subsidized

Anyone who even casually follows college sports’ financial trends knows a gap has long existed between schools in the five autonomy conferences and the rest of Division I.

Continued Quest for Balance

The Division II motto, “life in the balance,” resonates with people, and has served Division II well for many years.

College athletics can’t drop its defenses as sports wagering becomes accepted

Within a single offseason, what was viewed by many as a grimy, shadowy industry became an acceptable, if not admired, opportunity. That wasn’t merely surprising — it was an earth-shaking, worldview-shifting moment.

Reflecting on the DI Council experience

This spring I will complete my two-year term as chair of the Division I Council. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional career, despite the challenges and the time commitment.

St. Cloud State’s memorable championship: a stop in jail and hockey sticks for snow shovels

Roads started closing as they entered southwest Minnesota. So the bus turned down county roads and plowed through a deep snowdrift in an effort to reach an open road.

Washington State strikes up the band for its adversary after Washington’s bus accident

I have a confession: I’m a die-hard Washington Huskies fan. I have been since elementary school in central Washington, where I grew up watching Cary Conklin play quarterback for my future high school and then for the Huskies.

A Voice for Wellness

College sports is one of the few societal agents where people from different backgrounds can come together to reach a common goal.


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