The Game Plan

The NCAA Women’s Basketball community has created a progressive and comprehensive strategic plan that will guide Divisions I, II, and III for the next five years (2019–2024). The shared vision and corresponding strategies are designed to:

  • Unify and grow the women’s basketball community
  • Empower student-athletes to achieve their full potential
  • Celebrate and elevate the game; and
  • Create an inspiring experience for all involved

Year One (2019-20):

Year Two (2020-21):

NEW – 2021 NCAA WBB Strategic Plan Downloadable Documents:

Steering Committee

The Strategic Plan Steering Committee is populated by the chairs of the Women’s Basketball Oversight Committee and Division I, II and III Women’s Basketball Committees. The members represented will change with the committee cycle and term expiration.

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Keeping Score: Who We've Consulted

Pretty much everyone who touches women’s basketball has contributed to this plan. More than 1,000 women’s basketball stakeholders have been involved in the feedback process to this point. You name them, we’ve presented them the opportunity to engage in the process: 

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Executive Summary

NCAA Women’s Basketball engaged more than 1,000 stakeholders in the development of a comprehensive strategic plan. The result is a document that will guide NCAA Divisions I, II and III in collaboration with their key stakeholders to fully express a shared vision for the future of women’s basketball.

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