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Division III International Ice Hockey Pilot

At the request of the membership, the Division III Management Council endorsed that all Division III schools that sponsor men’s and/or women’s ice hockey will participate in a one-year pilot for the 2018-2019 season.  During the pilot, the NCAA Eligibility Center will conduct a sports participation review history of all international, first year men’s and women’s ice hockey student-athletes.

On August 1, 2018 or later, institutions that sponsor men’s and/or women’s ice hockey must submit the names of the international first year student-athletes on their men’s and women’s ice hockey rosters to the Eligibility Center at  Names must be submitted on the international ice hockey pilot roster.  Prior to submission, all players must be accepted by and have paid a deposit to the institution and completed the Eligibility Center’s free, online Profile Page to obtain a unique NCAA ID number.  

Upon receipt of the roster, the Eligibility Center will reach out to the international student-athletes for needed additional information to review their sports participation history.  The participation history review will include an assessment of the teams and leagues with which a prospective student-athlete participated, evaluation of any compensation or other benefits associated with athletics participation, evaluation of possible agent involvement and evaluation of delayed collegiate enrollment. Reviews will be completed in the order received and may require institutional involvement in order to address questions.

For institutions participating in the pilot, the Division III Management Council waived the requirement to complete Form 18-10c: General Amateurism and Eligibility Form for International and Select Student-Athletes, since the Eligibility Center will be conducting the international student-athlete participation review history.