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Division II national championships festivals

Division II is the only NCAA division that conducts “National Championships Festivals,” Olympic-style events in which a number of national championships are held at a single site over several days.

The goals of festival are to enhance the student-athlete experience, create more awareness and exposure for Division II sports, and increase attendance by hosting multiple championships in one location. Each festival features opening and closing ceremonies, social opportunities for student-athletes, and community-outreach events. Student-athletes are housed in centrally located hotels, allowing for an athlete-village atmosphere.

The festivals are held on a rotational basis for the fall, winter and spring sports seasons, giving student-athletes a competitive opportunity to experience at least one during their intercollegiate athletics career.

Festival History

  • 2004: Orlando, Fla. (spring sports)
  • 2006: Pensacola, Fla. (fall sports)
  • 2008: Houston (spring sports)
  • 2009: Houston (winter sports)
  • 2010: Louisville, Ky. (fall sports)
  • 2012: Louisville, Ky. (spring sports)
  • 2013: Birmingham, Ala. (winter sports)
  • 2014: Louisville, Ky. (fall sports)
  • 2016: Denver (spring sports)
  • 2017: Birmingham, Ala. (winter sports)
  • 2018: Pittsburgh (fall sports)

Upcoming Festivals

  • 2020: St. Louis (spring sports)
  • 2021: Birmingham, Ala. (winter sports)