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What Goes Unsaid

The images generated 23,000 comments on Facebook. CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, CHICO, PHOTO

Hannah Wilkins doesn’t say the word rape because, she says, it should never be used casually. Likewise, Lee Gearhart doesn’t say the N-word because it’s demeaning and unacceptable. And by focusing on the words they won’t say, Chico State athletes hope to draw attention to language that makes people feel included. The campus Student-Athlete Advisory Committee produced 20 posters and videos for its “We Don’t Say” campaign last year, funded by a Division II NCAA Diversity Grant. Not all of the reaction was supportive, but even the negative responses generated productive discussion.  “We have a platform and an opportunity to do something that is bigger than ourselves,” says Gearhart, a member of the golf team. “That is your duty and your privilege as a student-athlete.

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