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Passion for the Pool

After 8-year break from school, Millersville swimmer returns to finish what she started

By Amanda Wetzler as told to Rachel Stark-Mason

The first time I came to Millersville, I was there for a year and a half. I decided to pursue a communications and theater degree because I had done a lot of commercials, and I thought theater would be the artistic way I wanted to go. I also swam for the team.

But then I got an audition in an LA film, acting and directing school, and I got accepted into their program. I really wanted to see a different part of the country, so I decided to move to Los Angeles on a whim and study acting and directing a bit further.

I was out there eight years. And the entire time, I was swimming on the side. I really stuck with swimming because it was something that kept me grounded and kept me true to myself. I also got into studying a lot on my own for strength and conditioning and how you strengthen your body for swimming, specifically. That passion grew a lot within me.

While I was in California, I got pregnant. During my pregnancy, I swam every day, sometimes doubles. I competed in the masters program while I was pregnant. I did the mile for maybe the third time in my life. And the entire time I could feel him kicking or feel him moving. There was something about being pregnant that really empowered me and really gave me more energy than normal. I think it was a lot of excitement.

My son was born in 2014. I had a water birth. He still loves the water today. He loves the sound of it. He loves being in it.

I failed a lot in California. Acting was really fun, and I had some mild success but not too much. In that industry, you audition four or five times a day without any hope of having a job, so I think that probably exacerbates the feeling of failure. But you learn a lot from it.

I had been experimenting with coaching. Since I still knew the coach at Millersville at the time, I wanted to follow that passion. So I contacted him and said I was thinking about coming back, and I’d really like to be a part of the team. I thought I could be of value and help with the strength side of things. He said yes, so we moved across the country.

Back at Millersville, I thought: I need to fulfill my degree because I still have credits I can apply. My acting and directing certification doesn’t apply in the world of coaching, so I’m never going to be able to get a job. I felt that I didn’t really reach my potential in swimming, and I still had eligibility. There was an itch — something I felt inside me that wanted to jump back in the water and join them. 

Last year, at 31, I jumped into the pool at a really competitive level for the first time in a long time, and I was able to achieve my fastest times that I’ve ever achieved. I feel like I can improve upon that a lot. I have some pretty intense goals for this season. I’d like to make NCAAs in one of my events.

I want to show my son that on any day, at any time, you can choose a path. And if you’re passionate about it and work really hard, you will be successful.

Amanda Wetzler is a junior on the Millersville swim team and a sports business major.

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