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Lacrosse coaches show staying power in Division I positions

The number of women's teams in Division I lacrosse has nearly tripled since 1981-82, and the number of men's teams has grown by 40 percent in the same time period. But the sport also has seen some of the lowest turnover rates among head coaches. Only 7 percent of lacrosse teams - both men's and women's - experienced a head coach change in the 2016-17 year. The rate puts lacrosse near the bottom of the turnover charts, bested only by men's volleyball teams, which experienced just 5 percent turnover in the same academic year. Loyola Maryland head women's lacrosse coach Jennifer Adams says the low turnover rate makes coaching lacrosse appealing for young coaches. "It's a very attractive job for a lot of people to get into," Adams says. "The coaches see some consistency, and programs are seeing some loyalty."