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“I was just trying to help a guy out.”

By Ali Smith

When Chris Miller saw a man in his late 50s in cardiac arrest at a local gym, his instincts took over. Amid a crowd of panicking guests, the 23-year-old Seton Hill University baseball player remained calm and level-headed, rushing to the man’s side without hesitation in an attempt to save his life. He did just that.

“I asked the girl at the front desk, ‘Is he OK?’” Miller recalls. “She just kind of gave me that deer-in-headlights look.”

Miller saw an automated external defibrillator lying at the man’s feet and, alongside another man performing CPR, helped bring back a pulse. The two stayed by the man’s side until the paramedics arrived.

“It feels great just knowing that I was able to help that guy be able to see his family again,” Miller says. He does not consider himself a hero, but rather emphasizes his hope that anyone would step up to help someone in need.

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