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DIII membership survey provides direction for the coming years

At the NCAA Convention, Division III delegates will offer input on membership survey results. NCAA Photos archive

A day before they vote on 2019 NCAA Convention legislation that would affect Division III immediately, the division’s delegates will gather at their issues forum to weigh in on topics that may influence the future. Attendees will be asked to offer input relevant to results from the 2018 Division III-specific membership survey, which is conducted every five years and serves as a barometer that informs key decisions made by the committees and leadership.  

In particular, members will review input regarding student-athlete health and safety and the role of athletics in enrollment management, as well as its impact on institutional budgets, personnel and facilities. What data will guide those discussions? Before the session, a primer on some of the most relevant findings: 

Who participated? Of the surveys received (one response per school, though multiple staff members could contribute):

Enrollment management highlights: Schools indicate they increasingly are leaning on the recruitment of student-athletes to keep their enrollment at healthy levels, though few are investing more financial resources to fuel those efforts. The topic has been central to discussions throughout Division III in recent years, and a working group recently produced a guidebook about how to maximize recruiting efficiency. 

Health and safety highlights: Respondents reached the most consensus regarding the importance of ongoing health and safety initiatives. They stressed, emphatically, that ensuring student-athlete health and safety is the chief concern for Division III and should remain a priority. Among others, current health and safety resources available to members include the NCAA Injury Surveillance Program, 360 Proof and relevant modules in the forthcoming Division III University education program. 

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