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Shared NCAA Research Data

The NCAA collects a substantial amount of data from its member institutions on the academic performance of their student-athletes. These data are collected to help answer research questions posed by college presidents, athletics personnel, faculty, student-athlete groups, the media, researchers and others in the higher education community and to assist in the development of national athletics policies.

Late NCAA President Myles Brand recognized that these data represented a valuable source of information for addressing a variety of issues related to both intercollegiate athletics and higher education generally, and he believed that sharing it was important to the goal of fully integrating athletics into the broader university community. To that end, in 2008 he charged the NCAA staff with developing a program for providing this information to interested scholars.

This repository (previously housed on the ICPSR site at the University of Michigan) includes user-friendly data collections related to graduation rates in Divisions I and II and team-level Academic Progress Rates in Division I. 

Graduation Rate Data Share

These files include the graduation rates for all NCAA member institutions in Divisions I and II.  Rates using a mandated federal calculation are included for both student-athletes and the general student bodies of schools in Divisions I and II.  Additionally, an NCAA-developed rate that better captures transfer movement is provided for student-athletes only in Divisions I and II.  This NCAA rate is called the Graduation Success Rate (GSR) in Division I and the Academic Success Rate (ASR) in Division II. See NCAA Research graduation rates page for additional detail on the history and methodology of these rates.

Data last updated November 2018.










APR Data Share

These files provide Academic Progress Rates (APRs), eligibility rates, retention rates, and penalty / award information for each team in Division I. The APR metric is based on term-by-term assessments of eligibility and retention for each student-athlete and has been shown to be predictive of graduation rates.

Data last updated May 2020.

GOALS Data Share

The Growth, Opportunities, Aspirations and Learning of Students in college (GOALS) data are available via periodic Request for Proposals (RFP) processes. The RFP process is currently closed, but please visit the GOALS study page for archived results and survey instruments.