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Study of College Outcomes and Recent Experiences

SCORE-96 is the most comprehensive large-scale national study of former college student-athletes ever undertaken. It is a longitudinal study that collects data from student-athletes who completed their collegiate careers approximately ten years ago and assesses the impact of intercollegiate athletics during and beyond college. A previous iteration of the study examined similar outcomes for an earlier cohort of former student-athletes.


The survey is designed to gather in-depth information in seven areas:

  • College sports experiences
  • College educational experiences
  • Current career and work experiences
  • Health and well-being
  • Daily life experiences
  • Background information
  • Open-ended feedback


Student-athletes who had graduated high school in 1996 were identified from records gathered at the time of their initial entry into a Division I college. We attempted to contact roughly 25,000 of these former student-athletes in this study.


Participants were given the option to complete an online or paper version of the survey.


Over 7,000 surveys were received. Data will be weighted to be as representative as possible of the appropriate 1996-entering cohort of student-athletes.