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Changing Minds, Changing Lives: A Winning Transition to College

The transition to college can be challenging for many student athletes, particularly for those who have encountered significant adversity due to family, community or societal factors. African-American male students with elevated early-life stress loads are overrepresented among intercollegiate athletes.  Resilience-fostering interventions delivered during this transition can contribute to improved academic and athletic performance, as well as positive health outcomes. The Changing Minds, Changing Lives (CMCL) program, a strengths-based course, promoted an adaptive response to stress, improved self-regulation, cognitive flexibility, and positive identity development. CMCL brings, mindfulness training and exploratory group writing to enhance resilience in the transition into college and beyond. NCAA support enabled the CMCL team to analyze further evidence of program outcomes, develop a program resource guide, and design a training curriculum for dissemination to NCAA-member schools.