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Athlete Mindfulness: The Development and Evaluation of a Mindfulness Based Training Program for Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing

The severity and number of mental health symptoms are increasing on college campuses. Thirty percent of student-athletes reported overwhelming distress over the last month (Paskus & Bell, 2016). Time demands complicate mental health delivery, as student athletes are increasingly busy with academic and team demands. This study developed a 5-session mindfulness-based training program aimed at improving wellbeing and mindfulness ability while reducing anxiety among college student-athletes. Within a sample of NCAA Division I athletes (N = 36), mindfulness ability and overall wellbeing significantly increased and anxiety significantly decreased by the final session. Frequency of mindfulness practice increased for a large majority of participants, lasting beyond conclusion of the study and respondents expressed high levels of satisfaction with the program. Results have been formatted into a training program handbook for ease of implementation among NCAA member institutions.