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NCAA asks judge to dismiss scholarship cases

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“Today, the NCAA and the member conferences named as co-defendants asked Judge Claudia Wilken to dismiss the Jenkins, Alston and related cases seeking unlimited compensation for certain Division I student-athletes. Last month, in O’Bannon, Judge Wilken issued a decision confirming that the antitrust laws allow the NCAA to set limits on benefits provided to student-athletes, including the amount and nature of awards related to athletics-based scholarships.  The NCAA and its co-defendants argue that Judge Wilken should dismiss these complaints based on her decision in O’Bannon and numerous other federal court decisions. These rulings make clear that the current plaintiffs' lawsuits are misplaced. While the NCAA and its co-defendants acknowledge Judge Wilken’s legal reasoning on the legitimacy of limiting the amount and nature of financial benefits to student-athletes, the NCAA will continue to appeal the O’Bannon decision because it does not agree with the court’s finding in that case that the NCAA violated antitrust laws.”