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Division III student-athletes continue academic success

Division III student-athletes continue to graduate at higher rates than their peers in the student-body, according to the most recent NCAA Academic Success Rate data.

Based on a representative sample of 139 schools participating in the voluntary reporting program in the 2012-13 academic year, the Division III national four-year average ASR held steady at 87 percent.

Now in its fourth year of voluntary data collection, Division III’s ASR is similar to Division I’s Graduation Success Rate and Division II’s ASR, in that it includes transfers in the calculation, but removes students who left school while academically eligible.

Even when utilizing the less-inclusive federal rate, Division III student-athletes again perform better than the general student body. The federal rate for student-athletes was 68 percent and the federal rate for the overall student body was 61 percent, a difference of seven percentage points.

“These reports reinforce the successes of our Division III student-athletes in earning their degrees,” said Dan Dutcher, vice president of Division III.  “In both the ASR and federal graduation rates data, student-athletes division-wide are outperforming their peers, and this is the largest performance difference we’ve seen in four years of data collection.”

Division III operates on a voluntary academic reporting system. More than 200 member schools have participated during this voluntary data collection program, and 139 schools participated for 2012-13, which is the highest number of participants to date.

“We continue to encourage our DIII member schools to participate in this reporting,” said Dutcher. “Participation each year provides a clear illustration of how the Division III athletics model contributes to the academic success of our student-athletes.”

Measurement of graduation success among student-athletes was formed when presidents and chancellors in all three NCAA divisions called for the Association to develop a method that better reflects transfer patterns in higher education. The Division I graduation success rate data and Division II academic success rate data were announced previously this year.


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