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New Jersey sports wagering update

“Today a United States District Court judge issued a temporary restraining order to stop New Jersey’s renewed efforts to legalize wagering on professional and amateur athletics events. A new law that would allow for sports wagering to occur in casinos and racetracks in the state became effective when Governor Christie signed it on Oct. 17.  Because the law that just passed was not addressed directly in the prior litigation brought by the NCAA, it was necessary to file a new lawsuit to challenge the new law. In addition to filing a complaint, we have also asked the court to stop the law from going into effect.  As with the previous litigation, the NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB have joined in the suit with the NCAA.

The new law intends to accomplish the same goal as the previous 2012 New Jersey sports wagering law, to allow for sports wagering at state licensed and authorized casinos and racetracks. The NCAA, along with the NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB, succeeded in halting the previous attempt. The new law is also the same as the previous law with respect to the limited exception that does not allow wagering on college events held in the state of New Jersey or any events where New Jersey colleges are participating regardless of location. Contrary to some misunderstanding about the exception, it is not new and college athletics is not exempt from sports wagering should the new law be allowed to go forward.

In September, the NCAA determined that fall championships would be allowed to be hosted in New Jersey.  As a result of the uncertainty of the legal landscape with respect to sports wagering in New Jersey at this point in time, and consistent with the championship hosting policy, we will not be able to host NCAA championships in New Jersey beyond the fall until the courts conclude that sports wagering will not be permissible in the state."