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NCAA partners with Stop It Now! to prevent abuse

The NCAA has partnered with the child sexual abuse prevention organization Stop It Now! to provide its members with resources to prevent and respond to child sexual abuse and to foster an environment in which that abuse is reported.

Since 1992, Stop It Now! has worked to prevent and stop the sexual abuse of children and to have it recognized as a preventable public health problem. The organization has developed and shared prevention strategies, educational materials and services to individuals and communities that can help prevent abuse before children are harmed.

When the partnership was announced in December, NCAA president Mark Emmert called upon higher education institutions to carry on that mission through their own vigilance and actions.

“The truth is none of us knows how deeply issues of sexual abuse run within the education community at any level or society as a whole,” Emmert wrote in an open letter to the higher education community. “But we know that one instance is more than we can bear.”

Visit the Stop It Now! website for more information on its programs.


NCAA statement on Penn State

Statement by Bob Williams, vice president of communications

“Like everyone else, we are reviewing the final report for the first time today.  As President Emmert wrote in his November 17th letter to Penn State President Rodney Erickson and reiterated this week, the university has four key questions, concerning compliance with institutional control and ethics policies, to which it now needs to respond. Penn State’s response to the letter will inform our next steps, including whether or not to take further action. We expect Penn State’s continued cooperation in our examination of these issues.”