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NCAA names 2 Jim McKay Scholarship winners

Award goes to students pursuing sports communication careers

An NCAA committee has selected Kylie Klotzbach, a member of the Rollins women’s swimming and diving team, and Soren Frykholm, a member of the men’s soccer team at Colorado College, as recipients of the 2017 Jim McKay Scholarships.

The $10,000 scholarships for postgraduate study recognize student-athletes’ outstanding academic achievement and their potential to make a major contribution to the sports communication industry. The scholarship was created in 2008 to honor the legacy of pioneer sports journalist Jim McKay.

Kylie Klotzbach

Klotzbach worked in the athletics communications office at Rollins, where she gained knowledge and developed a passion to work in that field in the future.

To make this goal a reality, Klotzbach plans to earn a master’s degree in sports administration.

“I aspire to garner the know-how and success within the athletic communications field to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming director of athletics at an NCAA institution,” Klotzbach said. “From that position, I hope to help future students benefit from their academic and athletic experience.”

Klotzbach, who graduated with a 3.97 GPA while earning a degree in business management and organizational communication studies at Rollins, recognizes the role athletics play in society and believes sports communication can address social and economic issues.

Her athletics experiences also have taught her to expand her horizons. During her junior season, she was tabbed to swim the leadoff backstroke leg for the Rollins medley relay teams.

She had never identified herself with the backstroke but knew it was a role that she could perform to help her team.

“I was thrust into a completely unanticipated, vital role for my team,” Klotzbach said. “This experience has not only defined my swimming career, but it also has translated into how I carry myself in both my personal and professional life.”

Joan Davison, the faculty athletics representative at Rollins, believes Klotzbach’s leadership traits have prepared her for the challenges that she will face in the future.

“This past summer, Rollins hired new coaches who bring different philosophies, training regimens and expectations to the team,” Davison said. “I know from conversations with swimmers that Kylie’s captaincy has proved pivotal to many of her teammates as they adjust to a different team ethos. Her personal qualities, as well as her experience in working with faculty members, have prepared her well to serve as liaison on behalf of her teammates with the coaches.”

Soren Frykholm

Frykholm plans to pursue a master’s degree in journalism to help hone his writing skills.

While he majored in romance languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Latin), posting a 3.85 GPA while also minoring in journalism, writing is his passion.

“The challenge facing the next generation of quality sports journalists is to be relevant without losing a sense of humility and compassion,” Frykholm said.

Pedro de Araujo, Colorado College’s faculty athletics representative, knows Frykholm is ready to help set the standards for future journalists.

“Colorado College does not offer a communications major, but we have a very strong journalists-in-residence program,” Araujo said. “Students who desire to pursue a career in communications tend to combine their selected major with classes in this program. Soren went beyond this as he applied what he has learned in the classroom to the real world by choosing to spend time with less fortunate communities, helping develop educational programs that involve formal and informal education as well as sports.”

During his undergraduate years, Frykholm assisted in the communications department and worked as a website developer in the athletics department. He also has experience as an editorial intern for Trail Runner magazine.

“In a mass media world that increasingly emphasizes instant gratification, ruthlessness and perhaps even a lack of regard for the truth, I’ve come to value the journalistic values embodied by Jim McKay,” Frykholm said.