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NCAA Board of Governors Statement on Voting Rights

The NCAA steadfastly supports the right to vote as an ingrained principle of American democracy and believes that everyone should have a fair and equal opportunity to exercise that right. As a higher education association, the NCAA encourages civic engagement and actively promotes voter participation, particularly with student-athletes.  

For decades, our member colleges and universities and their students have taken action to support voting rights and voting practices. We are proud of the great many athletes who have been leaders in voter registration and turn-out-the-vote efforts. Recently, many of our schools took steps to ensure that college athletes can take advantage of Election Day unencumbered by games or practices. We will continue to support student-athletes in efforts to expand voter participation.

While voting integrity is essential to the election process, an equal and fair opportunity for all Americans to vote cannot be diminished in any way, and we wholeheartedly support efforts to assist all in exercising this fundamental right.