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Hawaii men’s basketball eligible for postseason after Committee on Infractions reconsideration

Download the Infractions Decision.

INDIANAPOLIS - The University of Hawaii, Manoa, will not have to serve a men's basketball postseason ban, according to a reconsidered decision issued by the Division I Committee on Infractions. The university's probationary period was also reduced from three years to two, and the men's basketball scholarship penalty was changed from two scholarship reductions to one over each of the two years.

In its appeal, the university argued that the penalties in its December 2015 men's basketball infractions case should have been imposed under the former infractions structure because the violations began before Oct. 30, 2012, the date the new infractions structure was adopted by the Division I Board of Directors. The Division I Infractions Appeals Committee determined it could not find the connection needed in the case to cause the new infractions structure and penalties to be used. As a result, it sent the case back to the Committee on Infractions panel so it could reconsider the case to determine which infraction structure is less stringent and review the postseason ban, scholarship reductions and financial penalty under that infractions structure.

In its review, the Committee on Infractions panel found the conduct resulting in the violations occurred predominately after Oct. 30, 2012, so the infractions structure evaluation was appropriate. However, the panel determined that the passage of time from when the school filed its appeal to when the Infractions Appeals Committee issued its decision was a mitigating factor for the university. The panel changed the case from a Level II-Aggravated case for the university to a Level II-Standard case and reassessed the penalties to determine whether they would be more lenient under the former or current infractions structure. The current penalty structure was found to be more lenient due to the change in case classification. Therefore, the panel reduced the scholarship penalty and probation, and eliminated the postseason ban.

Members of the Committee on Infractions are drawn from NCAA membership and members of the public. The members of the panel who reviewed this case are Michael F. Adams, chancellor, Pepperdine University; Britton Banowsky, executive director of the College Football Playoff Foundation; Carol Cartwright, president emeritus at Kent State University; Greg Christopher, chief hearing officer and athletics director at Xavier University; Bobby Cremins, former head basketball coach at Georgia Institute of Technology; Joel Maturi, former University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, athletics director; and Jill Pilgrim, attorney in private practice.