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Format for NCAA rifle qualifier approved

Squadding plans must be submitted by Feb. 1

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved a change to the standard match format for the NCAA rifle qualifier.

All teams must submit the squadding plan and relay times to the rules interpreter and the NCAA championship manager by Feb. 1 for NCAA qualifier weekend. Failure to submit by the deadline will result in a $400 fine.

The priority for squadding — the assignment or placement of shooters — will be to place “counter” student-athletes before “non-counter” student-athletes. Counter student-athletes are those whose performance is designated to count toward the team score. Counter student-athletes will be squadded equally across the minimum number of relays possible.

If more than one relay is required to complete the team portion of the contest, each relay should have an equal number of counter student-athletes from each team competing at the same time in those relays.

Failure to follow the standard match format for the NCAA qualifier match will result in forfeiture of all team and individual scores for the match.