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Division III finishes 2014-15 with budget surplus

Strategic Planning and Finance Committee also weighs in on conference grant program proposals

The Division III Strategic Planning and Finance Committee, during a conference call on Nov. 12, received a budget update and also moved on several action requests related to the division’s conference grant program.

Thanks in large part to the championships policy changes made last year, the division finished 2014-15 with an approximate $3.4 million budget surplus, which is significantly greater than the anticipated surplus of $1.6 million. A significant portion of the additional dollars came from one-time Association-wide realized investment gains. The committee noted that even with the surplus, it still endorses the proposal to raise membership dues. With annual expenses increasing at 6 to 7 percent and revenue increasing at 2.5 percent, the membership dues increase will allow the division to maintain an annual balanced budget through 2021-22. 

The committee also discussed a series of changes to conference grant program policies proposed by the Division III Commissioners Association’s Conference Grant Subcommittee. The committee rejected a proposal that would have permitted tier-one grants for faculty athletics representatives to be optional instead of required every year. The committee supported a recommendation that calls for funding from tier-one grants to be made available for school presidents to attend the NCAA Convention, provided that president is also the athletics direct report. In addition, the committee referred a proposal that would have allowed tier-one compliance funds to be used to support overall costs of conference rules seminars back to the grant subcommittee.