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Division II extends quiet period through July 31

Administrative Committee also provides student-athlete housing flexibility

The Division II Administrative Committee on Wednesday extended its quiet recruiting period for all sports through July 31. The committee also provided flexibility related to housing arrangements for student-athletes due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The quiet recruiting period began June 1, after a dead period. The extension of the quiet period was supported by the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association and the National Association of Basketball Coaches. This extension aligns with the WBCA and NABC’s previous support for extending the Division I recruiting dead period through July 31, which Division I approved for all sports May 27. Division I and II coaches will not be able to recruit off campus during that time.

During a quiet period, a college coach may have face-to-face contact with college-bound student-athletes or their parents on the college’s campus. Coaches also may write or telephone college-bound student-athletes or their parents during this time. During a dead period, a coach cannot meet face-to-face with or watch prospects compete anywhere in person.

“The extension of the quiet period for Division II continues our commitment to public health and safety while also balancing the need for on-campus recruiting opportunities at institutions that are open and others that continue to open in July,” said Chris Graham, commissioner of the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference and chair of the Management Council. “Institutions should continue to follow local health guidance when bringing prospects to campus.”

Additionally, the Administrative Committee issued a blanket waiver for the 2020-21 academic year to permit institutions to make housing arrangements as determined to be necessary with COVID-19 considerations, including student-athlete housing blocks. Previously, student-athlete housing blocks were not allowed.

The committee also confirmed that it is permissible per Bylaw 16.4 (medical expenses) to provide benefits (for example, housing and meals) to a student-athlete who needs to return to campus for medical reasons (for example, COVID-19 testing, quarantine) before the start of preseason practice, if the school has determined that an earlier return to campus is medically necessary.

The Administrative Committee is composed of the chairs and vice chairs of the Division II Presidents Council and Management Council and one additional member of the Presidents Council. The committee is tasked with handling important Division II business in between quarterly meetings of the Presidents Council. It will meet next by teleconference June 17 to consider further action in response to COVID-19 impacts.

View the full list of actions taken through Wednesday by the Division II Administrative Committee here.