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Division II Championships Committee votes to publish selection criteria data

Move aimed at making process more transparent

In a move to make the championship selection process more transparent, the Division II Championships Committee voted to begin routinely publishing the data used in ranking teams.

Now, the division does not share the specific data that Division II regional advisory committees use to evaluate teams in each sport for the post-season. However, with new legislation on team selection criteria taking effect in September, the Championships Committee decided the time was right to begin making this information available for members.

To gather feedback on the issue, the Championships Committee sent a survey to the Division II Management Council, the Conference Commissioners Association, regional advisory committees, sport committees and athletics directors. At a teleconference July 9, the Championships Committee reviewed the results, which revealed a majority favored sharing all data used for ranking purposes with the membership.

Pending approval by the Division II Management Council later this week and the Presidents Council in August, Division II would be the first division to publish all championship selection data. Division I has published the rating percentage index since the 1980s, while Division III has shared certain selection criteria data since 2009.

Also during the teleconference, the Championships Committee sponsored a proposal from the Division II Baseball Committee regarding new regional tournament allocations for the 56-team baseball championship. After reviewing two different models for allocating teams to the regional round of the tournament, the Championships Committee recommended the model that it felt provided a more equitable path to the championship for each region. The approved model consists of two eight-team regionals, four seven-team regionals and two six-team regionals.