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Division I Council Coordination Committee extends waiver allowing virtual nonphysical activities

Waiver extended to one week before finals of a school’s fall term

The Division I Council Coordination Committee extended a waiver allowing student-athletes to participate in up to eight hours of virtual nonphysical countable athletically related activities per week. The waiver, which was set to expire July 31, now extends to one week before the final examination period of a school’s fall term.

The waiver allows teams in all sports to require up to eight hours per week of virtual nonphysical countable activities like film review, chalk talks and team meetings. Student-athletes must be provided at least one day off per week.

The extension of the waiver considers many situations that may exist across the membership, including varying academic calendars and different approaches and adjustments in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

All required virtual physical athletics activities continue to be prohibited due to the legislated requirement that a sports-safety certified staff member be present during such activities to provide medical support.

However, a strength and conditioning coach may virtually observe a student-athlete’s voluntary workouts for health and safety purposes and have discussions with the student-athlete related to such workouts, provided the student-athlete initiates the request for the observation and/or discussion.