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DIII Presidents Council approves strategic plan

Division’s top body sets the course for the next two years

Division III’s budget and strategic plan for the next two years have been formally approved.

At a meeting this week in Indianapolis, the Division III Presidents Council endorsed the division’s 2019-21 strategic plan, which includes key updates for the 2019-20 academic year. Those strategic priorities include:

  • Creating a working group to review and update the strategic positioning platform.
  • Evaluating and determining next steps for an international ice hockey pilot.
  • Enabling the LGBTQ Working Group to maintain a facilitator program designed to educate the membership on ways to create safe and inclusive environments.
  • Promoting the NCAA Presidential Pledge and Division III committee service for women and ethnic minorities.
  • Promoting the use of the injury surveillance program throughout the membership.
  • Partnering with playing rules staff to monitor challenges with officiating, namely in maintaining the caliber and pipeline of new officials.
  • Developing an operating budget that presents policy goals and program preferences that are fiscally responsible and sustainable.

“What I’m most excited about the new strategic plan is that it really has a focus on the student-athlete, the holistic experience of the student,” said Sue Henderson, Presidents Council chair and New Jersey City president.


The Presidents Council echoed recent Management Council discussion regarding issues with officiating. Because of a lack of funding for adequate training and game environments where officials can find themselves as the subject of derision from fans and coaches, the pool of talented officials has grown increasingly thin. The division has set aside funds via its strategic initiative conference grant program to support officiating improvement, and the ongoing discussion regarding officiating now pertains to all three divisions, which all will work to address the issue.

Presidents Advisory Group meeting

The Presidents Council also convened with the Presidents Advisory Group, which includes a president representing each of Division III’s conferences. Among other topics, the presidents discussed:

  • 2020 NCAA Convention legislation. The Presidents Council will take a formal position on membership-sponsored legislation at its fall meeting.
  • The attestation of compliance course that all Division III presidents must review and sign by Oct. 15 via the NCAA Learning Portal.
  • The new conference office business management resource, a tool developed by a group of Division III conference commissioners and NCAA national office staff.

The Presidents Advisory Group will reconvene in January at the 2020 NCAA Convention in Anaheim, California.