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DIII Interpretations and Legislative Committee recommends virtual recruiting legislation for 2022 NCAA Convention

Panel also discusses alternative playing season model, legislative authority and process

Division III could see a blanket waiver allowing greater flexibility with virtual recruiting this academic year become legislation moving forward. 

The Division III Interpretations and Legislative Committee, which met via videoconference Thursday, made a recommendation for the Division III Management Council to sponsor legislation for the 2022 NCAA Convention consistent with the current waiver.

In July 2020, the Division III Subcommittee for Legislative Relief expanded the scope of a previous waiver for the 2020-21 academic year, allowing virtual presentations on athletics recruitment to groups of multiple prospective student-athletes.

A recent survey sent to membership on recruiting visits saw 95% of the respondents (355 schools) stating they would like to see the current virtual recruiting blanket waiver become a legislative proposal. About 88% of those who want the current waiver to become a legislative proposal did not want to see changes to any provisions in the waiver.

The recommendation comes at the conclusion of the Interpretations and Legislation Committee’s comprehensive review of the division’s recruiting legislation that began in September 2019. The committee’s review included looking at virtual recruiting, current legislation covering meals and entertainment for official and unofficial visits, and video services.

Alternative playing seasons model

Discussions surrounding the Division III playing seasons defined by days (as opposed to the traditional weeks model) and the distinction between traditional and nontraditional segments will pick up as the Division III Interpretations and Legislation Committee will engage in a review of the alternative model made available this year with the waiver of the Division III Bylaw 17 parameters.

The committee will look to gather feedback from membership, including the Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and various coaches associations, over the next academic year to determine which elements, if any, of the alternative model for the 2020-21 academic year should be adopted permanently.

Legislative authority and process

The Division III Interpretations and Legislation Committee is asking the Division III Management Council to sponsor legislation at the 2022 NCAA Convention that would create the ability for the Division III Presidents Council to sponsor and adopt emergency legislation. 

Emergency legislation could be used when the NCAA must respond to, or comply with, a court, alternative dispute resolution or government order or when the council deems it appropriate to limit or avoid NCAA liability as a result of litigation or ADR or governmental proceedings. The recommendation requires “emergency” legislation to be adopted by at least a three-fourths majority of the members of the Presidents Council present and voting. Membership would have to ratify the Presidents Council’s adoption of emergency legislation at the next regularly scheduled NCAA Convention.