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DI SAAC statement on NLRB ruling

Statement from Dustin Page and Kendall Spencer, on behalf of the Division I Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The Division I Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is pleased with the recent ruling coming out of the National Labor Relations Board. The goal of the few football student-athletes at Northwestern University, to promote and protect the well-being of its student-athletes, is a noble and worthwhile cause. In fact, it is an objective shared by SAAC. We believe that unionization, however, is not the appropriate vehicle to spur change in collegiate athletics. Recently, the NCAA and its members have taken monumental steps to further the interests of student-athletes, from allowing cost of attendance scholarships to unlimited meals to travel budgets for families of student-athletes. The NCAA’s dedication to the voice of student-athletes is visible in the magnified role of student-athletes in the new governance structure. This encouraging progress, coupled with a deluge of potential unintended negative consequences, eliminate the need for student-athlete unions. There undoubtedly remains room for improvement within collegiate athletics, but refinement of policy and procedure is currently taking place through appropriate avenues at an unprecedented pace.