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DI Council seeks committee members

Conferences must submit nominees by April 9

The Division I Council is seeking nominations from conference offices for people to serve on seven committees the Council has created to do the work of the division. Nominations are due to the NCAA national office by April 9.

The full Council will make appointments from the membership to the seven committees: Student-Athlete Experience, Competition Oversight, Football Oversight, Men’s Basketball Oversight, Women’s Basketball Oversight, Legislative, and Strategic Vision and Planning. The Council members plan to make appointments April 15-16 when they meet in Indianapolis.

The committees already have representatives from the Council, and the Division I Student-Athlete Advisory Committee will appoint a student to serve on each group.

Each conference can nominate a maximum of four candidates for each committee but does not need to nominate that number if people with expertise in the particular subject area aren’t available. Conference nominations must include at least one athletics director, one senior woman administrator and one faculty athletics representative unless the conference’s representation policy for NCAA governance positions dictates otherwise. If such a policy exists, the conference must note it on the nomination form.

In order to adhere to the Division I Board of Directors’ desire that appointments emphasize a candidate’s ability, the committees will have no legislated mandates based on gender, ethnicity or job title. However, an ad hoc group created to study the issue of committee appointments did recommend the Council follow a set of principles that include a commitment to diversity among subdivision, job title, gender and ethnicity. Ensuring that each group includes faculty athletics representatives also will be important.

The Council Coordination Committee shares the Board of Directors’ commitment to diverse representation in the governance structure and agrees that this goal can best be accomplished by each conference giving strong consideration to submitting a diverse slate of nominees.

Selections will emphasize finding the most qualified individual with broad Division I or Association-wide perspectives. After significant discussion among several groups within the Council, members supported a guideline that each conference will have no more than one representative on a committee. The guidelines don’t apply to ad hoc groups and SAAC representatives serving on assisting committees.

To assist conferences with selecting appropriate candidates, the Council has made available descriptions of the responsibilities of each group (see committees box to the right). After appointments are made and committee members informed, the groups will hold their first in-person meetings in conjunction with the June 22-24 Council meeting.

Conferences should submit nominations to, using materials sent by Council Chair Jim Phillips, athletics director at Northwestern University.